www.voguekingbags.cn full name is Hong Da International Trading Co., Ltd. It is located in Guangzhou and have points of sale department in Shanghai and Beijing, China. it mainly engage in the international famous replica brands clothing, bags, shoes, watches and other accessories. there are many domain for this company


We accept all currencies and all countries. We deal with customers from all over the world. Customers can easily make payments via

Credit Cards (Recommended)  Western Union  Money Gram

If you wish to pay with another payment way that is not included above, please kindly contact us.

For all orders, prepayment is required and your order will not be charged until it ships out of our warehouse.

We take online fraud seriously! If a bogus order is submitted, vogueking will notify the cardholder, the credit card company, and cooperate with authorities to prosecute anyone attempting to use stolen credit cards to purchase products. All fraudulent orders will be turned over immediately to the local police in your immediate area, and we will cooperate with them in all attempts to prosecute offenders.

Paying with Credit Cards Online

1. With credit cards, you can make payment quickly and securely online.
2. Once your order is submitted, you will be redirected to Payease's (the largest and best credit cards payment service provider in China) site where you could make the payment.

Advantages with using Credit Cards Online Payment:

- Payment can be done directly and immediately after submitting the order.
- You don't need to share any of your confidential financial details with vogueking. The payment process is well under control and protection through advanced security solutions provided by the Payease Company.
Paying with Western Union or Money Gram:

For Western Union or Money Gram payments
After you place your order, check your inbox for a confirmation email that contains instructions for how to complete payment for your items. Your products will not be shipped until payment is completed. If you have any further questions regarding your vogueking order payment through Western Union or Money Gram, please email: vogueking@hotmail.com
We want to remind all customers that they are responsible for all local Western Union or Money Gram handling fees. Therefore, customers should confirm the total payment amount with their local Western Union or Money Gram.

If you have any other questions concerning the payment, please feel free to contact us by email: vogueking@hotmail.com.

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